Awards and Accolades

What is the Precision Team award?

The Precision Team award is the most prestigious and coveted honor that Acura can grant to its dealerships. The status recognizes those dealership teams that demonstrate superior achievement in client satisfaction, sales and service training, client follow-up, and business management. Acura dealerships are given the year to achieve the rigorous set of objectives and prove they are worthy of Acura’s most prestigious award. All criteria are established to enhance the client experience; most measures are based on actual client feedback and survey scores. To achieve success in the program, a total commitment to excellence by the entire dealership team is required. Acura dealerships from across the county participate in the year long recognition program and our dealership was one of 83 dealerships who earned the 2017 Precision Team award.

Rosenthal Acura is proud to be the only 2017 Precision Team winner in Maryland and the only dealer in the world to win this prestigious award 22 years in a row.